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What’s in an Information Technology Certification?

There are several industries and needs here in Wichita where you might decide to hire outside of your own company, bringing on a consultant to help in a particular area of expertise.  In most cases, small business owners are looking for someone who has some evidence of that expertise, usually coming in the form of a license or acknowledgement of skill from some governing body.

While there is no single governing body for IT consultants and computer maintenance personnel, there are certifying bodies and credentials you can look for, depending on what particular area of technology help you are seeking.

If you’re a typical small business in Wichita, you run your business on computers that run the Microsoft Windows operating system.  There are various flavors, from the new Windows 7 to Vista, XP and even the occasional Windows 2000 and 98 thrown into the mix when the computer systems aren’t critical to the operation of the business.

If you weren’t already aware, vendors such as Microsoft offer certifications for technicians on these products, allowing them to show concrete evidence that they are intimately familiar with the product they are trying to support.  Microsoft offers a host of certification exams covering everything from simple desktop support of the operating systems to in-depth exams covering client-server architecture and design of networks composed of multiple servers and hundreds of desktop computers.

As a Wichita IT consulting firm, we encourage (and require) our technicians to strive for and acheive these certifications and are proud of their accomplishments.  Some have passed multiple exams, earning premier certifications from Microsoft such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

The IT world doesn’t stop there, however, and our IT support clients in Wichita often have other needs that are better served by certifications offered by other vendors.

Currently, our staff holds certifications from the following major vendors:

Cisco Systems
CompTIA (manufacturer independent)

Again, we’re proud of our staff and we realize that the dedication they put into these acheivements translates to better, more efficient and more cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Information Technology service in Wichita and surrounding areas is our business.  If you’re looking for network consulting or just desktop support, please give us a call at (316) 337-5628.  We’ll be more than happy to discuss what we can do to help your company or stop by for a free, no hassle evaluation of your systems.  If we can find ways to make your shop more efficient, we’ll le

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