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If you’re in Wichita you’ve been feeling the heat of the summer as much as I have.  Some people might be thinking about going fishing, but the spammers and hackers on the net are thinking about Phishing.

Phishing is just that.  Hackers are fishing for information from users.  They send emails purporting to be from various secure sites, asking you to login to correct some issue.  Here’s a sample:

eBay Phishing Message Received in Wichita

eBay Phishing Message

This email plays on eBay users’ fears.  Too many Unpaid Item Strikes and your eBay account could be suspended.  If you click the link, you’ll be taken to what appears to be a standard eBay login page.  Unfortunately, it’s not eBay, and you’ve just given them your user name and password.  Some of the better scammers will redirect you to eBay after you ‘log in’ and you might already be logged in, so you’ll never know the difference.

The best bet is to think about it.  I’ve paid for everything on eBay, so why would I get this message?  Close the message, open your browser and pull up eBay yourself to see.  If there’s a problem, it will tell you right away.

If you’re unsure, check the link.  Hovering over the link in the email will show the destination:

Hovering over the Link

Hovering over the Link

Funny, that doesn’t look like an eBay address.  Don’t rely totally on this method.  It’s been known before to show ebay.com without actually going there.  It’s always the best bet to not follow the links in emails of this sort!

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