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Proper Technology Solutions is committed to providing computer and network support for small business and individuals in Wichita and surrounding communities.  Our goal is to provide service that is both professional and personal by working with only the best college-educated and industry certified computer professionals in the area.

Wichita Technology Support

We’ve seen a need in Wichita for small business IT support that small businesses can afford.  To that end, we’ve lowered our hourly rate significantly compared to other support providers, and eliminated the dreaded ‘two hour minimum’ for on-site technical support.  We want your business to see the value in computer support with quick response times and professional, personable providers.

Executive Computer Service

While small businesses need network consultants and IT professionals, we also understand that most modern homes are networked as well.  Busy professionals are often required to use their own home network to connect to the office.  If the network is down, productivity suffers.  Let Proper Technology Solutions help with your home network as well.  We can come onsite and ensure that your network is functioning optimally and is secure.  We can also resolve pesky virus and malware issues that are making your system slow down significantly.

Wichita IT Companies

Wichita is our home base.  We don’t have branches or a parent company in another area.  We’re dedicated to supporting those businesses and individuals that make this city where we want to live.  As a small IT company, we feel we can offer top of the line support quicker, more efficiently and affordably than the bigger companies in town.  Most of our clients have made the switch after having experienced excessive wait times to hear back from their network consultants.  These same clients are happy to get a call back on any question or issue, usually within an hour, if not immediately.

Are you looking for better rates and better service?  Call us today at (316) 337-5628 or our after hours support line at (316) 210-7112.  We can discuss your needs over the phone or setup a free on-site visit to evaluate your network and find out where we can save you money and increase your efficiency.  Are you worried about the hassle of switching IT support providers?  We can help with the pain of transition.  We are familiar with all types of networks, big and small, and won’t bill you for a ‘learning curve’.  If we have to learn something new in order to support your business, it just makes us better in the long run.

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