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Wichita Computer Repair Tip For May 24th, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 is the newest version of Microsoft’s ubiquitous browser.  The new interface is clean and crisp, providing a fast browsing interface with the convenient tabbed browsing structure we were introduced to in earlier versions.  With streamlining, though, comes some inconvenience.  Where has everything gone.

The first thing that is missing is the menu bar.  Where did it go?

Open Internet Explorer and you’ll see the address bar on the top alongside the tabs but nothing else.  Hit the ALT key.  The familiar File, Edit, View menu will pop into place temporarily.

Let’s look at some of the convenient features available in those menus by category:

File Menu – New tabs, new sessions and printing options.

Edit Menu – Find on this page will help you find a word or phrase, use CTRL-F as an alternative.

View Menu – Click View – Toolbars – Menu Bar to keep the menu bar in view all the time. Click Zoom to make the page size larger or smaller.

Favorites Menu – Gives similar options and access to your favorites as using the star button on the far right of the screen.  Add and organize your favorite sites.

Tools Menu – The most powerful menu.  Use Delete Browsing History to clear cookies and temporary Internet files. InPrivate Browsing is useful for public or shared computers.  Be assured that your login information to websites is not stored on the computer. Windows Update will take you directly to Microsoft to check your machine for updates.

Help Menu – Use the About Internet Explorer option to get your exact version number when the computer tech asks you for it!

Play around with some of the menu options to see what is available to help you customize Internet Explorer 9 in a way which makes your life easier.

If you have any questions about IE9 or if you’re having any problems that make your computing experience less effective such as malware, popups or simply slowness, call Proper Technology Solutions at (316) 337-5628.  We provide support for business and executive users with outstanding service and low IT support rates starting at $70/hour with no minimum service charges.  Our trained computer support technicians can resolve your issues quickly and will take the time to help you understand what went wrong and why.

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