Does Your Consultant Leverage Your Service Contracts?

We have all paid the bills for application software.  Have you ever noticed the line about technical support?  If your tech support person isn’t leveraging this asset, you may be paying more than you should to keep your applications running at peak performance.

I went to work for a customer this morning to resolve a simple Internet issue.  Lo and behold, a major application had crashed on the server, causing the problem.  Once Internet service was restored, I performed some quick troubleshooting to find the cause of the application issue.  As a network consultant, there are common elements I can check to see if there will be a simple resolution.  In this case, I found that the software manufacturer would need to troubleshoot the application.  After all, they have the knowledge and the training required to do the job in a more efficient manner.

After scheduling with the service department for the application, I discussed the issues with my customer and informed them that tech support would be in touch to resolve the issue and that I planned to followup during the day if I don’t hear back from them.  This way, I was able to stop billing my customer for work that they have effectively already contracted.  I also informed my customer to call me if they don’t hear anything soon.

Sometimes it takes a trained IT professional to work with the tech support department, sometimes it does not.  Most support agreements will allow a remote technician to log into your system to repair issues.  If you are paying for it, use it.  In most cases, the remote operator is trained to work with non-technical users.

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