Tip: Computer Maintenance – Keep it Clean

Proper computer maintenance is key to keeping your systems functioning.  As a computer networking professional in Wichita, I’ve seen machines crash for reasons that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.  Some simple procedures can help ensure that your machine runs normally and be less prone to disasters.

Computer Overheating

A desktop or tower computer is designed for good airflow.  The internal components, expecially the hard drives and processor, create a great deal of heat.  Heat is the enemy.  The design of the case pushes air over the processor and then drags it back out of the machine, usually through the back of the case.  Keeping this airflow design working optimally will help you avoid a costly visit from the computer tech.

  • Close the gaps – If you’ve removed a DVD drive or components from the machine, make sure the cover plates are replaced.  A gaping hole in the front of the case ruins the airflow that is intended.  Sometimes, having the case open more actually makes it hotter.
  • Hunt the bunnies – As the case drags air into the computer, it also drags in contaminants and dust.  Unplug the machine, remove the cover and remove the dust.  Pulling it out with a vacuum is better than blowing the dust with compressed air.  This tends to drive the dust deeper into the components.  Information Technology components are sensitive, so work with care, or call a professional computer consultant.
  • Don’t hide it – One of the worst places a computer can reside is in a desk-side cabinet.  If aesthetics dictate that the sytem be tucked in a cabinet, ensure that there is proper airflow, even if it means cutting a hole in the back of the desk.  The system doesn’t work if the air being sucked into the front is the same hot air that was just blown out of the back of the case.
  • Listen to it – Sometimes your computer is telling you something.  Is it louder than usual?  When a computer is overheating, sometimes it will ramp up the speed of the fans in an attempt to cool itself.  Is the hard drive making a funny noise?  If it sounds odd, it might be a sign that some service is in order.

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