Why Teach? IT Consultants, Education and Lifelong Learning

Some of my consulting clients as well as my students often ask me why I teach.  I have been teaching college-level network security classes in Wichita for two years now and continue to enjoy the experience.

The first reason is what’s in it for me.  Every subject that I teach becomes fresher in my mind and stays current.  By teaching a subject, I’m constantly bombarded with the fact that I don’t have all the answers.  Each time a student asks a question for which I have no answer, I’m forced to go outside of my comfort zone and find a solution.  It has consistently made me a better network engineer.

The second reason is what’s in it for them.  Everyone says that real-world experience is the best way to learn.  I try to step outside of the curriculum just enough to make the lesson material relevant, by adding anecdotes from my experience as an IT support consultant in Wichita.  My students learn some of the differences in approaches for engineers working for a company and the approach of consulting.

Overall, the experience has enriched both me and my students and I expect to continue for the forseeable future.  From routing and switching on Cisco equipment to complex installs of Server 2008 and beyond, teaching has been a great learning experience that is not limited to just the students.

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