COMPUTER SERVICES WICHITA – Internet Explorer 9 Beta – Enter HTML 5

If you are a business running a website, this is one update you shouldn’t ignore.  IE9 ushers in the new era of HTML 5.  What this means for most small businesses and consultants is that their website may very well be in need of an update.  By adhering to stricter rules, IE9 will display web pages more accurately in line with the way they are coded to the standard.  Unfortunately, if the page was not coded to standards in the first place, the page could not display at the worst and popup annoying security messages at the best.

My own experience running IE9 over the last week or so is that about 30% of pages I visit that have some sort of scripting behind them have issues.  As a consultant, this worries me.  Some display poorly, and otheres will only display correctly if I accept a warning message that pops up when I enter the website.  Most web visitors may simply move on to another site versus going to the trouble of getting the site to display correctly or open it in another compatible web browser.

I’m advising my clients to run a test.  Install Internet Explorer 9 on a system and check the company website.  Drill into all the pages, forms and activities most users will be utilizing.  Check for display errors and system messages that are likely to be displayed.  Determine whether they will be a factor in the usability of the website.  If there are problems, drop me a line here or call to discuss.  (316) 210-7112


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