Tip: Microsoft Security Essentials Offers Free Small Business Antivirus

If you run a small business with ten computers or fewer, did you know that you are entitled to free antivirus protection from Microsoft?

As a networking consultant, I am always looking for ways to cut costs for my customers without cutting their security or the effectiveness of their IT solutions.  Microsoft Security Essentials is one application that we use to acheive this goal.  While most ‘free’ antivirus solutions are licensed for home use only, Security Essentials allows small businesses to run enterprise-level antivirus software without annual or per machine charges.

Effectively the home version of Microsoft’s flagship Forefront Endpoint Protection, Security Essentials provides similar coverage without the centralized network infrastructure.  While centralized management of antivirus is a strong tool for larger enterprises, Security Essentials is an outstanding option and I recommend it for my small businesses clients in Wichita KS.

With the current level of spyware and malware on the Internet, every small business needs a solution that will protect them against these threats.  In later posts, I will discuss some hints and tips on avoiding these pitfalls and the associated support costs.

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